What to Expect

Authentic worship

Friendly, welcoming people

Lots of ways to serve

A place and people where you can live out your faith, in the way God created you to be


Worship Schedule

BEGINNING SUNDAY MAY 27 9:30 am Faith goes to one worship service for all

Sundays 8:30 am Worship with Holy Communion - led by organ, piano, and choirs

Sundays 11 am  Worship with Holy Communion - led by organ, piano, and worship band

Midweek worship seasonally  Check the calendar under "Resources" tab



9041 166th Ave NE, Redmond, WA  98052


Congregation Council

Faith's 2017-18 Congregation Council:

President - John Oftebro

Vice President - Ty Carlson

Secretary - Kara Frazier

Treasurer - Bob Loeffler

Building and Grounds chair - Kathy Schoof

Education chair - Colleen Thompson

Hospitality chair - Carolyn Hockridge

School Board vice chair and representative to Congregation Council - Rosalind Greenberg

Social Ministry chair - Karla Stalwick

Stewardship chair - Linda Wall

Worship and Music chair - Heath Stewart

Youth Ministry chair - Kathy Telford-Buchanan

Youth representative - Anna Carlson


The Congregation Council meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Conference Room.  Minutes of each month's meetings are posted on the narthex bulletin board.