What to Expect

Authentic worship

Friendly, welcoming people

Lots of ways to serve

A place and people where you can live out your faith, in the way God created you to be


Summer Schedule

Sundays 9:30 am Worship with Holy Communion



9041 166th Ave NE, Redmond, WA  98052



Lutheran Christians believe that worship is the place where God most directly serves us … meeting us in Confession, Baptism, Holy Communion, and the proclaimed Word.

So, worship at Faith is as diverse as the community that gathers each week.  Though we do worship in a liturgical (ordered) format, we use different musical settings and different spoken liturgies.  We sing hymns and songs from many different sources … our Lutheran heritage, other denominations, and newer songs of worship and praise.

Traditions is what we call the 8:30 Sunday morning worship service, September through late May (check the church calendar on the Resources tab for exact dates).  This is an organ led service of Holy Communion, using the historic Lutheran order for worship from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal.  We sing a combination of treasured hymns and new and old worship songs.  The Faith Chancel Choir sings regularly; hand bells, brass and a variety of instrumentalists and soloists enhance worship. 

Informal worship is at 11:00 am Sunday, September through late May.  Faith's worship band leads congregational singing, in songs as diverse as today's worship and praise, as well as modern settings of traditional hymns.  The entire service is projected onto screens in the front of the Sanctuary.  

Summer worship is at 9:30 am Sundays.  This is a more brief worship setting for late May - early September.  

Hearing assistance devices are available for those who request them.

Pastor Bob’s sermons are Scriptural and also meant to connect with everyday life.  Director of Music Ministries David Horton selects and leads hymns, songs, and choir offerings each week with a central theme in mind.  Worshipers should be able to come away from worship with a one sentence, practical summary of the worship service, which they can take into their work, school or home activities.

Holy Communion is offered at every worship service, as well as on all major church festivals (holidays).  In the words of Martin Luther, all who are present at this meal of God’s people, who believe the words “given for you” and “shed for you, for the forgiveness of sins” are welcome to Christ’s table.  Faith sets no age or denominational / doctrinal restrictions on who may receive Holy Communion.

After worship, please stay and join us for food, coffee / tea and fellowship!