Welcome back to worship

Welcome to Worship at Faith Lutheran Church

  • Masks:  In order to keep everyone safe, and show gracious consideration for all, we are asking that you keep a mask on while in the building, regardless of your vaccination status. We do not want to separate vaccinated folks from unvaccinated folks, nor do we want to have a monitor verifying vaccination status. Therefore, we believe we best provide the warm fellowship and welcome Faith is known for by asking everyone to wear a mask. Worship leaders might remove their mask while speaking.
  • Screening and temperatures:  You will not be asked to take your temperature when coming to worship.  Please self-screen, noting any COVID symptoms that you or a family member may be experiencing.  If you or a family member at your home is feeling sick, or has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, please stay home.  Worship is available online or by dial-in.  Ushers will be logging who is in attendance each week.  
  • Seating:  Please note there are pews that are blocked off to keep physical distancing.  The front pews are blocked off due to recording equipment. 
  • Microphones:  Because we are still set-up as a recording studio with “hot” microphones, you’ll want to be mindful that conversations will be picked up on the microphones once we start recording at 9:30am until the last note of the postlude.
  • Bulletins:  Everything you will need to worship is included in a printed bulletin.  Although Bibles and hymnals have been left in the pews, you won’t be needing them.  The order of worship will not be projected on the screen.
  • Holy Communion:  The sacrament will be celebrated each week.  Holy Communion wafers will be available in individual mini muffin cups for you to pick up when entering church and keep with you until the Meal is celebrated.  Once the presider gives you the Invitation, you can eat the wafer while remaining in your pew.  There will not be wine/juice available since the logistics make it too challenging.  The sacrament is complete with bread alone—the crucified and risen Christ is fully present for you in, with, and under this one element of the bread.  
  • Singing:  Please sing at your heart’s content with your mask on.  Worship cantors will be keeping their masks on and are at least 15’ from those seated in the assembly.  
  • Offering:  Baskets will be set out at the back of the sanctuary.  Please place any gifts you bring in the basket.  No offering plates will be passed around during worship.  Giving electronically is available through the website, under “Give.” 
  • Worship streaming, recording, and dial-in:  The worship service will be recorded to be viewed anytime from our website or YouTube channel.  We are hopeful that live streaming will also occur on Sunday mornings.  We are certain the dial-in option for audio (425-535-9449) will be available live on Sunday mornings at 9:30am.  
  • Nursery:  At this time due to COVID, we are not opening the nursery.  Parents and kids are welcome to worship with us.  Some activities are available for kids, please ask the ushers.